A walk on Streatham Common

It’s been a while since I just went out with the sole purpose of actually taking pictures. I took the D7100 and the missus took the D3100 and we set off. It was a lovely sunny day for most of the afternoon but the lighting levels were changing constantly which is always a nice challenge when shooting in manual. I set up the D3100 in shutter priority so she could just concentrate on taking the pictures rather than having to fiddle with the settings. She seemed to enjoy it and kept pestering me to use the long lens so I mostly used the ultra-wide 10-24.


We started off from the small car park at the top, walked through the trees, past the White House and onto the top high corner of the Common. After a short sit down in the shade of a tree we headed back towards the rookery but all the waterfall pumps were turned off so we consoled ourselves with an ice cream and back home we came.


During the post processing files from both cameras in Lightroom, I’d forgotten the difference in quality between the sensors in the D3100 & D7100. The D7100 produces much richer and deeper colours in my opinion.




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