Nikon website woes

In June or so this year I registered my Nikon kit on their website, all went well, everything got entered and most of it applied for their free two year warranty. They said it would take 6-8 weeks to get the paperwork sent out to me. Three months later I realised that it hadn’t turned up so I got in contact, again through their website and spoke to somebody who confirmed my address and said they would re-send it out. Again I forgot about it but bought some new gear and went to register it on their site.

My username and password weren’t recognised, odd because I use Keepass. I found their “forgot password?” tool and had it emailed to me but it seemed that my account was missing. I signed back up using the same email address to see if it would spot a duplicate email address but it all went through and none of my data was there.

I raised a support ticket with them and after supplying email evidence from the unsent warranty paperwork incident that I had the account previously they have agreed to re-register all my gear and send me a 32gb SD card for the inconvenience. A nice touch and all resolved pretty quickly.

Just need to see if its third time lucky with the warranty paperwork…


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